A really easy web-based platform
for finite-element analysis
running in the cloud

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Know how the products you manufacture behave

CAEplex is a web front-end for open-source engineering computational codes running in the cloud. It is the first platform designed from the back-end outward, embedding the UNIX philosophy in its design basis to write an easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful tool for engineers.

The front-end was designed from scratch in the same spirit the back-end was actually designed, coded and implemented. Simple parts connected by well-defined interfaces. Separated policies ands mechanisms. Easy communication with other programs. Small cooperating pieces.

CAEplex is technology that shifts paradigms

square beam
Flex 1.5 mm
Flex 1.0 mm
Flex 2.0 mm
Flex 3.0 mm

CAEplex Tutorial

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Do it yourself

Perform mechanical analysis of your products without installing expensive and hard-to learn software, nor buying expensive and one-time-use hardware, nor recurring to expensive experts (yet).

Get a PDF

Generate an engineering-grade report with your name and your logo that gives the percentage of resistance your product has under working loads, supported by the finite-element theory.

Share your work

Your projects and reports can be shared with your colleagues, suppliers and/or customers. Keep them always available and access them even from your tablet or smartphone.


No need to install any extra software


No need to buy extra hardware


Similar to a 3D modeling app


Share your projects with other people

PDF output

Support your design with a report


Use it from a table or smartphone


(but not simpler) Default values do work


End-to-end & storage cryptography

Open source

The back-end is free and open


Replace fixed costs with variable costs


Forums, webinars, blogs, …

UNIX Philosophy

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