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Try & play with our community
All your projects are shared publicly with our user community
  • Online collaboration
  • 5 public projects per month
  • No private projects
  • Problems up to 80k nodes


Freelancers and casual users
Create five private projects within 30 days and keep them forever
  • Online collaboration
  • 15 public projects per month
  • 5 private projects per month
  • Problems up to 80k nodes


Regular finite-element analysis
  50 /month*
* When billed annually, otherwise subscription at 60 USD/month
  • Online collaboration
  • Unlimited public projects
  • 15 private projects per month
  • Problems up to 120k nodes


Cloud CAE for professionals
  100 /month*
* When billed annually, otherwise subscription at 120 USD/month
  • Online collaboration
  • Unlimited public projects
  • Unlimited private projects
  • Problems up to 200k nodes


What is the main difference between the CAEplex plans?

Any project (or case) solved with CAEplex can be either private or public. The free plan only allows users to create public projects. Paid subscriptions allow the creation of private projects.

What does “public” exactly mean?

It means that any project whose visibility is marked as “public” may be seen (i.e. accessed in read-only mode) by anyone on the Internet, including users not signed up or logged in into the CAEplex platform.

In particular, that the information contained in a public project, including the CAD file, problem data and results are

  1. made freely available for read-only access in even to people that is nor registered as CAEplex users, and
  2. released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Even more, other CAEplex users may clone public projects and make changes on the copy, which may also be marked as “public” or “private.” Also, note that if a public project is deleted, the associated data may not be completely removed from our servers and such project may still be available for other users.

Is there a trial period?

When you subscribe to a paid plan, you get automatic access to the plan’s features without needing to make any payment. You will receive an email with instructions to proceed, which depend on the country you reside. You have five working days to complete the payment, otherwise your account will be downgraded back to the free account and you will no longer be able to start a new trial period until the payment is complete.

What payment methods are available?

It depends on the country you reside.

Country Currency Credit Card Local bank transfer e-Check
Eurozone EUR
Rest of the world USD

I need to solve XXX, what do I do?

We have a team at Seamplex with a track record of engineering projects.

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